Welcome to the Seitz Farm
in Bavaria’s Hallertau region!

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Hallertau, you will find the more than 600-year-old
farmstead of the Seitz family, who are fourth generation hops growers.

Not only is this family’s wealth of experience channeled into their product, indeed,
so is their love of the region and the inimitable Bavarian joie-de-vivre!

We are always pleased to consider special requests by our brewer clients in
cultivating our crops! Request a hops sample and see for yourself!

Request a hops sample and see for yourself!


Would you like to contact us and receive further information? Get in touch
Email: florian.seitz(at)hallertau.net


Sie möchten Kontakt aufnehmen? Schreiben Sie uns.
E-Mail: florian.seitz(at)hallertau.net